Allegra Parks

Psychotherapist | LCSW-R | MS.Ed

I am a licensed psychotherapist with Masters Degrees in both Social Work and Early Adolescent Education from NYU and Bank Street College, respectively, and am a graduate of the clinical fellowship program at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy in NYC. Since 2003 I have had the honor of helping adults and adolescents who suffer from depressive and anxiety disorders, trauma, familial & relationship conflict, grief & loss, school challenges, and various other difficulties.

I am inherently interested in people and the ways that we navigate life and work to create meaningful and enjoyable lives, often in the face of deep pain and doubt. I continue to be awed by the commitment to growth my clients have shown as we work together, session by session.


About Me

I am a graduate of the four year clinical fellowship training program at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy. I see teens (15 yrs. +), adults, and older adults in my private psychotherapy practice.  Most recently I completed training in EMDR with the Parnell Institute, an EMDRIA approved Institute.

In 2008 I earned my MSW from NYU. I have worked psychodynamically with all ages at Park Slope Center for Mental Health and the Family Service Clinic in Dix Hills, LI. Since 2007 I have designed and facilitated social skills groups for young adults with varied communication, learning and social difficulties at the JCC in Manhattan.  

I received my MS.Ed in Early Adolescent Education from Bank Street College for Education in 2002. I have helped children and adolescents think critically about their worlds as an educator at The Museum of Modern Art and The Brooklyn Center for The Urban Environment.

My early background as a performance poet and dancer enable me to work well with artists, writers, musicians, and performers. I am especially interested in how our creative and physical selves, regardless of our professional selves, can help us gain insight and allow us to feel and express more authenticity.


Affiliations and Memberships

National Association of Social Workers
Downtown Clinicians Collective
Parnell Institute